Phonics First 4

Phonics First 4

Phonics First 4 is a fully interactive, beginning phonics program
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Macroworks Pty Ltd.

Fully interactive, beginning phonics program * structured reading development * motivational learning activities * phonemic awareness skill building * fully narrated * built-in achievement tests * printable achievement certificates

This software is suitable for all beginning readers and is also useful for students in the middle primary years who are experiencing learning difficulties and reading problems, including those who are dyslexic or have short-term memory or ADD. It is also a suitable resource for 'English as a Second Language' students.

Phonics First 4 is the fourth in a series of five comprehensive, fully integrated, beginning reading programs that incorporate the skills of word attack, comprehension and spelling.

Phonics First goes from the earliest stage of letter-sound recognition to teach, at each successive stage, increasingly sophisticated phonics skills. At each of these stages Phonics First promotes the development of spelling and comprehension ability. The interactive nature of the instruction ensures that students remain highly motivated to master the skills taught in this carefully structured beginning reading program.

The key to the success of Phonics First is its careful construction and solid educational foundation. Students are asked to read only those words containing the sounds or rules they have been taught, and only then are they tested to demonstrate their progress.

In Phonics First 4, students learn double-letter sounds (known as consonant digraphs) as well as the rules to tell them when the vowels say their long sounds. Students also learn the rule that teaches them when the letter ‘c’ says ‘s’ as in ‘cent’ and when the letter ‘g’ says ‘g’ as in ‘gent’.

As each of these skills is mastered, students are given stories that are structured to reinforce these reading fundamentals, and comprehension activities that test their acquisition of the skills they have been taught.

When students complete all 5 programs they will have attained the skills they need to cope with a wide range of reading experiences and will be well prepared to develop the independent reading skills taught in the Reading Freedom series of programs.

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